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Press Release
Posted on September 05, 2008

Agreement to provide high-performance solar lighting

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The development of next generation, high-tech, environmentally friendly lighting has taken a significant step forward with the announcement that two leading businesses in the solar and LED industries have joined forces.
Lemnis Lighting and G24 Innovations received a $200,000 grant from the World Bank earlier this year for their solar powered LED light for the 'Lighting Africa' program. As a result of this success the companies have decided to join hands on a larger scale.
Dye-Sensitized Thin Film manufacturer G24 Innovations (G24i) and LED manufacturer Lemnis Lighting have today revealed, that they will work together to create a range of high performance, solar powered LED lights aimed at both the developed and developing world.
The new lamps will be self sustaining and charge in a wide range of lighting conditions, including low light, cloudy environments. The LEDs are less energy intensive than compact fluorescent products (CFLs) and do not face the same disposal and recycling issues. The new joint development agreement will target three areas:
Kerosene Lighting in the Developing World
£19 billion is spent on kerosene lighting each year, resulting in 1.6 million deaths due to kerosene inhalation and 2.5kg of carbon emissions per litre of kerosene burnt. The G24i Lemnis light will solve this, providing a high quality, sustainable and safe source of light.
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Home lighting in the Developed World
The new G24i Lemnis LED table light provides up to 10 hours of light from a single charge and can also act as a phone charger. The LED lamp will be targeted at 'off-grid' users and utilises 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb, lasting up to 50 times longer.
Street lighting Worldwide
G24i Lemnis LED streetlights can be installed anywhere, including off grid areas.
Commenting on the agreement, Robert Hertzberg Chairman of G24i, said: "This is an ideal partnership for G24 Innovations. Like us, Lemnis are at the very forefront of their industry, pushing forward the development of next generation technology. Our new solar powered LED lights will make a material difference to the way that people live their lives, providing a source of light that is not just more environmentally friendly, but is also better."
Frans Otten, chairman of Lemnis Lighting added: "These lights have been expressly designed to solve the problems and inefficiency caused by current lighting. They are non-polluting and are usable in various situations and markets. The global lighting market is huge, so we expect our products to have tremendous impact in reducing carbon emissions caused by lighting. We are proud to partner with G24i to address the off-grid market through solar powered LED lighting solutions."
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