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Flexible Printing Solutions for Printed Electronics & 3D Printing

Nicolas BERNARDIN, Deputy Managing Director at CERADROP

Focus on Flexible and Printed Electronics and opportunities for commercialization:

Lots of key players from all over the world are working hard on the latest developments for new applications and integration of their results in our daily life. Printed Electronics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world! What we could not even imagine before becomes so real. Printed Electronics has taken possession of various applications providing high added value functions for many domains: Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-Medical, Smart Packaging and Smart Building.

CeraPrinter Equipment Range Concept and World-famous Players Feedback:

Today we count more than 50 CeraPrinter installations in the Globe, providing the users with something Innovative, Reliable, Versatile, Scalable and User-Friendly. CERADROP, an MGI Group company, offers Flexible Digital Printing Solutions for Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing.
Our Major Products CeraPrinter X & F-Serie Models are Modular-Based Scalable Technology. The platforms are highly appreciated by the customers from all over the world. The concept is based on a bottom-up approach emerged from Materials Science, offering the actors a unique opportunity to conduct Advanced Process Development up to Small and Medium Scale Volume Manufacturing. Of course, to satisfy up-coming industrial needs we currently develop high throughput 24/7 manufacturing equipment range.
To meet our customers' utmost specifications, we always build our collaboration on strong partnership, technical and process support, permitting us to care special attention to the constant development and improvement focused on Printed Electronics field.

CeraPrinter F-Serie - as the most recent innovation and its important advantages:

Our latest innovation is the CeraPrinter F-Serie, which is hybrid All-in-one State-of-the-art Materials Deposition Platform, combining Inkjet and Aerosol Jet® technologies. In addition to all CeraPrinter advantages, the product embeds Aerosol Jet® deposition technology from OPTOMEC permitting the users to deposit wide range of functional materials and high viscous pastes down to 10µm feature size. The System offers lots of Advantages such as: Digital Process Development, Easy Upgrade, Multi-team co-working, Single interface for all integrated technologies driven by an Exclusive Software Suite (CeraSlice, DropAnalyser, FabAnalyser).

Flexible and printed electronics industry in the near future:

In about five to 10 years we will see continuous development of Printed Electronics applications making them come out from the laboratories up to consumers' hands. The production volumes are going to increase and provide people with something new in terms of functional capabilities making our devices smaller but more powerful to be applied in our daily life. Internet of Things, Smart Packaging, High-functionality decorative surfaces, Smart 3D devices, New exciting functionalities for Automotive industry and many more...

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