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Posted on May 30, 2017 by Mr James Hayward

Highlights from CPES 2017

Printed and Flexible Sensors 2017-2027: Technologi
On May 24-25th 2017, James Hayward from IDTechEx attended CPES 2017. This annual event brings together players from Canada's strong printed and flexible electronics sector for two days of conference and networking. It was held in Centennial College, in the Scarborough region of Toronto.
The event is organised by Canada's printed electronics association, CPEIA*. During the event, they announced a $100m investment challenge for the coming year. As part of this challenge, the aim is for Canadian firms working in the sector to disclose any private or public investments being made into the printed, flexible and organic electronics sectors. By combining these figures to announce a milestone, they aim to attract further funding in the future.
The event brought together an excellent group of both Canadian and international speakers to discuss several key areas in the printed and flexible electronics space. This article will address each area in turn (with all photos throughout were taken by IDTechEx during the event):
  • Smart packaging
  • Structural and 3D electronics
  • IoT technology and infrastructure
  • Textile and wearable electronics
*CPEIA will formally announce a name change following voting at their AGM (held during the event). The new name, as voted by members, will be "
×intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance
intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance
IDTechEx Show!
Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA
15 - 16 Nov 2017
intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance".
Learn more at the next leading event on the topic: Business and Technology Insight Forum. Japan 2017 External Link on 27 - 29 Sep 2017 in Tokyo, Japan hosted by IDTechEx.
Mr James Hayward

Authored By: Mr James Hayward

Senior Technology Analyst

Posted on: May 30th 2017