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Posted on July 13, 2017

Sainsbury's introduces ham smart label technology to combat waste

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Sainsbury's is attempting to tackle food waste with the introduction of a 'smart label' for its own-brand ham.
In an attempt to solve the problem, Sainsbury's has introduced its Smart Fresh label, which changes the colour on the label from yellow to purple to indicate how long the pack has been open. The new ham label is temperature sensitive, and the colour change is slower in cooler fridges.
Jane Skelton, head of packaging at Sainsbury's, said: "We've all been there; when we've found a pack of ham loitering on the bottom shelf of the fridge and can't remember how long it's been opened for. We wanted to find a way to reduce waste of this family favourite while helping customers save money."
Latest figures suggest that the common sandwich filling is no longer as popular as it once was: British homeowners are throwing away 1.9 million slices every day. This is adding up to more than £170 million every year, according to the latest from WRAP figures, a programme that aims to help individuals, businesses and local authorities reduce waste and make better use of resources.
The new label will initially be used on Sainsbury's own-brand seven-slice packs of cooked ham in all 601 stores and if the rollout is successful the labels may be used on other foods.
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Source and top image: National Pig Association
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