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Posted on April 03, 2009 by Teresa Henry

Next generation barrier film for flexible electronics

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A "transparent super high barrier film" that offers the world's highest level of moisture barrier property with transparency has been developed by Fujifilm, state the company in a recent announcement.
The film is essential for the next generation of flexible electronic devices such as organic electroluminescence (EL) displays, electronic papers, organic EL lightings and thin film solar cells. These devices require flexible, transparent, and thin / lightweight high-performance films as a key component to replace existing glass and metal, which cannot be easily made thinner or lighter. Yet, high-performance films, when used as key components, must demonstrate an extremely high level of barrier property to block external moisture, which could deteriorate electronic devices' component performance and damage their durability.
This method enables the formation of a barrier layer on various types of base film, including transparent and flexible PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate), and therefore may be applied to a wide range of fields as high-performance film in a roll to roll process that can provide volume production.
The company will be seeking opportunities to introduce their technology into flexible electronic devices.
The moisture barrier performance is 10-6g/(m²•d) (Moisture permeability per square meter per day).
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Teresa Henry

Authored By: Teresa Henry

Event Manager

Posted on: April 3rd 2009