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E-paper poster for daily weather updates

Typified is a small team who develop internet connected products alongside a host of collaborators, their latest offering is a screen printed poster that uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day's changing weather. As the weather forecast changes, so will the ink on the paper. The icons take 5-15 minutes to fully activate and will update throughout the day as needed. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Conductive Ink Markets 2018-2028.
The Typified team has spent the last 18 months figuring out how a paper poster, printed with smart ink, could be controlled by a tiny internet connected computer. Smart ink is any ink that's been engineered at a chemical level to change colour in response to a certain stimulus. Typified's new technology allows the tiny computer to interface with the smart ink. The ink may not work properly in rooms with a temperature over 29 ºC.
Typified has teamed up with Dangerfork in Melbourne, Australia, a boutique printing company and print gallery to screen print the weather poster. Screen printing delivers more depth and richness of colour than other commercial printing methods, the designers said. The electronic circuitry is made via modern PCB manufacture and pick and place machines. The micro computer is sourced from a Northern American IOT company. The frame is made from American oak with a glass pane. The back plate is vacuum formed and additional internal components are CNC machined.
According to Typified, we live in an age of connected information but the ways that it integrates into our lives is often intrusive and overly demanding. Screens ensnare our attention and then usually keep it for much longer than we feel good about. Because the Weather Poster is literally a printed poster without any light emitting elements, you don't have the nagging sensation to look at it like you would a phone or TV screen.
Connecting the Weather Poster to the internet is easy and uses the same method printers use. The Weather Poster has a custom back plate which allows hanging via a nail in the wall or via stick-on strips. The complete poster weighs 1.6kg/3.4lbs.
Typified are supplying two years of free weather forecasts with each poster, as the company is currently fundraising on Kickstarter.
Source: Typified/Kickstarter
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