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Centrotherm Photovoltaics concludes successful ramp-up at LG

Reporting a further success in Asia, Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG is underlining its position as an internationally leading provider of turnkey production lines: the company concluded the ramp-up of two lines for the manufacturing of crystalline solar cells at its customer LG Electronics.
With one line for mono-crystalline and one line for multi-crystalline solar cells, the Korean electronics group is entering the photovoltaic business. "With the first two lines, we have succeeded in entering mass solar cell production within the shortest possible time span," commented Mr. Cho, Vice President at LG Electronics. "The aim is to rapidly expand capacity further in order to participate in the sector's growth, and to develop into one of the leading solar cells suppliers."
LG Electronics is particularly benefiting from the fact that, within the scope of its standardized turnkey lines, centrotherm photovoltaics is also able to adapt process technology to the respective material quality of the wafers utilized by individual customers (silicon substrate for the manufacturing of crystalline solar cells). In this way, the photovoltaic specialists from Blaubeuren are able to optimize production processes, and achieve higher efficiencies and throughput rates.
In the future, centrotherm photovoltaics will manage its customer relationship with LG Electronics from its Korean branch that was established in the autumn of 2009.
Source: Centrotherm Photovoltaics
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