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Posted on December 07, 2010

JP Labs - Nano-Indis, novel self-reading indicators.

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JP Labs Nano-Indis, novel and revolutionary self-reading indicators that monitor shelf life, sterilization and toxic agents

Affordable and accurate Nano-Indis are produced by applying a layer of an etchant onto a metallized/opaque plastic film printed with one message (FRESH) on the top and the other (NOT) at the bottom, which cannot be seen. A typical metallized plastic film has one 10 nm aluminum layer and one 2 nm oxide layer. When these nanomaterials are destroyed, a combined message, "NOT FRESH", appears abruptly after a predetermined time.
By selecting proper etchants, JP Laboratories has developed a wide variety of self-explanatory Nano-Indis. They can be used to monitor:
  • TIME as self-expiring visitor & employee ID badges, retail stickers, shipping & security labels and tickets for parking, trains, buses and sporting events
  • TEMPERATURE for doneness of microwave and ready-to-eat meals, e.g., military meals
  • SHELF-LIFE, quality and to replace sell-by/use-by dates of foods and pharmaceuticals
  • FREEZING of fresh blood, produce and vaccines
  • THAWING of frozen meat, fish, vegetables and ice cream
  • EXPOSURE of electronic devices and dried foods to MOISTURE/HUMIDITY
  • STERILIZATION of medical supplies with steam, ethylene oxide, plasma, hydrogen peroxide and dry heat
  • TOXIC AGENTS, chemicals such as chlorine and ethylene oxide
  • IONIZING RADIATION, such as gamma/X-ray. Nano-TTI (TIME-TEMPERATURE INDICATORS), in the form of a packaging/sealing tape, can be used by perishable manufacturers, shippers, warehouses and supermarkets/stores to monitor the quality of perishables without opening boxes or crates.
Most of these devices are also available in a linear moving boundary format for continuous monitoring and as RFID for remote monitoring of quality and inventory simultaneously.
Nano-Indis have a rare combination of the most desired properties. They are accurate, self-reading, 100% irreversible, economical and tamper evident. Non-nano indicators are confusing because they change colors gradually, require color reference charts and explanations, and are subject to interpretation. Nano-Indis are fundamentally and functionally different from those available today and will gradually make color-changing indicators obsolete.
More detailed information (with video and animation) on each Nano-Indi is provided on the website at External Link.