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Posted on March 14, 2011

Xennia and Ynvisible sign partnership agreement

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Xennia Technology Ltd has signed a partnership deal with Ynvisible of Lisbon (Portugal), a company dedicated to the R&D and commercialisation of interactive printed displays. The collective goal is to optimise inks used for the industrial printing of electrochromic displays.
Based on its vast experience in industrial inkjet printing of different materials, Xennia will optimise the chemical formulations of inks of Ynvisible, enabling rapid industrialisation of its displays and guaranteed quality and efficiency of the inks in large-scale printing processes.
In the medium-term, the established partnership has the potential to grow into one where Ynvisible will assume the role of technology provider to end clients, while Xennia Technology will act as inkjet technology enabler, supplying complete deposition solutions based on inks and industrial printing modules.
Alan Hudd, managing director of Xennia Technology comments: "This is a typical early stage R&D assignment where Ynvisible - part of the listed company YDreams - has contracted Xennia for its experience and R&D capability. It is potentially an exciting longer term opportunity."
Source: Xennia Technology