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Posted on May 02, 2011

Solar Frontier opens world's largest CIS Solar Module Plant

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Solar Frontier opened its gigawatt-scale Kunitomi factory located in Miyazaki, Japan with claims that it is the world's largest CIS thin-film solar module production plant.
"The opening of our factory in the world's largest class signals great promise for Solar Frontier," said Shigeya Kato, Chairman, Showa Shell Sekiyu, at the opening ceremony, "and this confirms our next generation thin-film technology as globally competitive. I hope this can be one of the bright rays of hope as Japan recovers from the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake."
"We are tremendously proud that CIS, a technology we partnered with Showa Shell Sekiyu to develop since 1993, has proven its potential on the journey from the laboratory to commercial production at one of the most advanced and largest solar panel factories in the world," said Sadao Wasaka, Executive Director at NEDO. "We are sure that Solar Frontier will become a global leader in the PV market."
"Solar energy is a critical renewable resource in efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and demand will continue to increase worldwide," commented Hisato Nagao, Managing Executive Officer at the Development Bank of Japan. "Within this context, I am delighted at the completion of Kunitomi as it will help boost the solar sector, and we will continue to support projects like this one."
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Shigeaki Kameda, CEO of Solar Frontier said, "The opening of this new plant positions Solar Frontier in the leading pack of competitive global PV producers, competing for international customers with technology from Japan. The factory enables us to deliver our economical and ecological CIS solar energy solutions to customers all around the world."
Kunitomi has one of the world's largest production capacities for solar panels in a single plant, bringing an entire process from raw materials to finished modules under one roof. Commercial production started in February, combining large scale, automation, and advanced research in a bid for unprecedented manufacturing and module efficiency. Production capacity continues to increase at Kunitomi toward full capacity of near one gigawatt this summer.
Image: Kunitomi Plant