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Canatu to launch CNB™ Flex Film

Canatu has developed a unique, bendable transparent conductive film optimised specifically for wearable, electronic touch screen devices and next generation foldable smart phones and tablets. CNB™ Flex Film will be shown at an event in Japan this week.
The rise in wearable electronics business, with an estimated growth from over $14 billion in 2014 to over $70 billion in 2024, has increased the need for bendable transparent touch screens. An extreme bend radius and high durability makes CNB™ Flex Film an ideal material for applications or devices in which the touch sensor will be bent or flexed. Tests show that the product can withstand 180° bending tests at a 1 mm radius, without compromising its high conductivity.
"The rapid evolution of wearable technology and bendable electronics requires a robust, flexible touch sensor in order to give consumers the seamless user experience they expect. CNB™ Flex Film is the only material that delivers touch sensors with the folding and bending characteristics required by industrial designers who are creating the next generation of personal and integrated devices," says Erkki Soininen, Vice President Marketing and Sales of Canatu.
The technology is based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial which is not limited by the brittleness or metal fatigue associated with more traditional ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and metal mesh structures. Canatu's patented CNB™ Flex Film also benefits from higher display contrast due to ultra-low reflectance, compared with more widely used ITO or metal mesh products.
Soininen explains, "In flexible devices, such as smart watches or emergent curved, flexible or foldable mobile phones, external reflections from sunlight tend to be particularly disturbing. With CNB™ Flex Film, contrast can be improved by up to 40% due to ultra-low reflectance and haze. In portable applications, the high contrast not only enhances the viewing experience; it can also be used to reduce backlight power to increase battery life by up to 20%."
Canatu has also developed a safer, simplified sensor manufacturing process and this, along with the system savings resulting from the superior optical performance of CNB™ Flex Film, may appeal to tablet and next generation device manufacturers looking to reduce production costs.
Along with CNB™ Flex Film, Canatu's CNB™ Film range of products also includes CNB™ Hi-Contrast Film which is optimised for flat projected, capacitive touch devices, and CNB™ In-Mold Film for 3D capacitive touch surfaces.
Source and top image: Canatu
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