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Emergency vehicles to integrate thin-film PV

ZoomEmergency vehicles to integrate thin-film PV
PowerFilm and Streamlight have collaborated to develop a flexible thin-film solar panel using a roll to roll process specially designed to provide additional power to the batteries in emergency vehicles.
PowerFilm will manufacture the newly developed solar panel while Streamlight will market and distribute the panel through their existing distribution and sales channels in the emergency response marketplace.
The simple to install, 14-watt solar panel utilizes an optimized adhesive to mount to the vehicle and is wired directly into the electrical system to provide a constant trickle charge to the battery.
Emergency vehicles, like police cars, are running an ever-increasing number of electronic devices, providing power to computers, radar, charging flashlights, etc. - placing a heavy burden on the vehicles existing electrical system.
The new SolarStream solar panel provides enough supplemental power to the battery to ensure that the vehicle will start when needed and reducing the need to idle the vehicle - saving fuel and reducing emissions.