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IGNIS Innovation Inc. world's first amorphous silicon AMOLED product

ZoomIGNIS Innovation Inc. world's first amorphous silicon AMOLED product
IGNIS announces a 3.47" 320x480 pixel AMOLED display, manufactured by RiTdisplay Corporation, and built with IGNIS's patented AdMo™ compensation technology which makes the display more stable and more uniform.
The display is ideal for mobile phones and other portable applications that require the bright image, rich colors, ultra-high contrast, and lower power of an AMOLED display.
Until now, all AMOLED displays have been made with polysilicon backplanes, a higher-cost material. However amorphous silicon is an attractive material for AMOLED since it's used to make most of the world's LCD displays. Compared to polysilicon it's highly uniform, less expensive, and represents 95% of the world's manufacturing capacity for displays.
It was previously thought that amorphous silicon backplanes were unsuitable for OLED due to stability problems; however IGNIS technology has solved the stability problems, paving the way for this first product. "The performance is equivalent to polysilicon AMOLED. The product also incorporates IGNIS' latest all-in-one driver chip for amorphous silicon AMOLED, which is the first of its kind in today's AMOLED market", says Paul Arsenault, President & CEO, "This opens the door for RiTdisplay and other manufacturers to make state-of-the-art AMOLED displays using existing amorphous silicon equipment that is currently being used for LCD. This is the start of a new era where AMOLED displays can be made in much greater volumes, and with lower cost, than they are today with polysilicon."
IGNIS Innovation is the leading provider of technology that makes AMOLED displays last longer, look better, and cost less. IGNIS works with display manufacturers to improve AMOLED displays using innovative circuit designs, driving algorithms, and embedded software.
RiTdisplay, established in 2000, is the first company in Taiwan devoted in OLED R&D and manufacturing, and is currently the only company capable of manufacturing both OLED and PLED products. By adopting customer oriented marketing strategy together with the most advanced technology capability, RiTdisplay offers the most advanced display products to meet the variety of demand in different applications. RiTdisplay specializes in OLED research and has been granted over 500 patents up to today. By utilizing existing equipment and technology, RiTdisplay also diversifies itself into glass capacitive type touch panel successfully.
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