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Nanōmix awarded patent for carbon nanotube sensor technology

ZoomNanōmix awarded patent for carbon nanotube sensor technology
Nanōmix Inc., a nanotechnology company focused on development of next generation point of care diagnostic tests to enable earlier and more accurate testing in hospital and pre-hospital settings, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has allowed a patent application relating to flexible nanostructure electronic devices, such as nanotube sensors and transistors, and method for fabricating the same.
Nanomix's testing systems are driven by proprietary carbon nanotube (CNT) technology, which exploits the superior electrical conductance of CNTs to create a platform for point of care testing. The new patent provides Nanōmix with an exclusive right to commercially exploit CNT and other nanostructures in a range of forms encompassing the company's lead design for the
Omega-3 Cardiac panel, currently in initial clinical studies.
The patent strengthens an already robust patent portfolio and represents another step for Nanōmix in securing their leadership in carbon nanotubes and nanoscale electronic sensors. The technology has enabled the development of the next generation of Point of Care testing systems where superior performance and rapid results can both be achieved in decentralized settings.
Nanomix harnesses the physical characteristics of CNTs to detect biomarkers electronically, avoiding the need for optical subsystems, targeting key applications in emergency medicine and infectious diseases. One such example is the company's Omega-3 Cardiac panel, which is designed to perform multiple in-vitro diagnostic assays simultaneously from a single wholeblood sample. The compact size of the electronic and credit card sized disposable test cartridge can be configured to run a wide variety of tests from a range of patient samples.
Source: Nanomix
Top image: Hardin Memorial Health
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