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New signage applications take E Ink electronic paper beyond eBooks

ZoomNew signage applications take E Ink electronic paper beyond eBooks
New retail displays using E Ink's Ink-In-Motion technology will be used by SinoPac Bank and Miramar department stores said the company in a recent statement. The first displays will appear in food courts of Miramar department stores in Taiwan.
Ink-In-Motion is a flashing electronic point-of-purchase display that combines motion with the visual appeal of ink-on-paper. These displays can be viewed from all angles and under virtually any lighting conditions.
The battery powered displays use the E Ink SURF platform - ideal for retail environments where power access is limited. Retailers are able to reuse the display by changing the content of the sign by replacing the printed color overlay on top of the E Ink electronic paper display (EPD).
E Ink EPDs are currently used in eBook readers, wrist watches, keypads of mobile phones, memory and battery indicators, and displays for portable medical devices, among other applications. In the future, E Ink displays could be used in novel new applications, such as pill bottle labels and highway toll system tags, by leveraging the key features of the technology: sunlight readability, low power consumption and re-usability.
Completed designs using Ink-In-Motion displays are also available from E Ink's partners Neolux Corporation and Motion Display.
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