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Nothing small about Nano-Terra raising $17.2m - cbl

ZoomNothing small about Nano-Terra raising $17.2m - cbl
Nano-Terra Inc. has raised $17.23 million from a $23.62 mixed offering from six investors, according to an SEC filing.
CEO and vice chairman Myer Berlow is named in the filing along with president Ueli Morant; COO Eric Keller; chairman and head of Scientific Advisory Board George Whitesides; and vice chairman Carmichael Roberts.
Prior to co-founding Nano-Terra, Berlow was president for Global Marketing Solutions, AOL Time Warner, where he oversaw account services, operations, and the number one interactive marketing sales force in the industry. Berlow began his career in media planning, and went on to TV programming and network TV buying, becoming Media Director of FCB at the age of 29. He received his degree in Religion and Political Science from Kenyon College.
Founded in early 2005, Nano-Terra is a nano- and micro-technology development company headquartered in Cambridge. Nano-Terra partners with large companies in all industries outside pharmaceuticals/medical, including electronics, aerospace, energy, industrial products, consumer goods, and government agencies.