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Printed Electronics USA 2014
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World's first indoor large scale solar system

ZoomWorld's first indoor large scale solar system
A global hotel chain will install shading systems over 8000 of their windows using G24 Innovation's dye sensitized solar cell technology to power the automated shades.
The solar technology is claimed to be the most powerful in the world in converting indoor light into electricity and was the only solar technology that worked by providing enough electricity indoors to power the wireless shade system provided by US firm Skyco.
The indoor power solution will substantially add to the hotel's green credentials while saving $3M on the installation, by eliminating the need for the tens of miles of hard wire in addition to eliminating the impact to operation and lost revenue caused by the in wiring process.
Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2014
Santa Clara, CA, USA
19 - 20 Nov 2014
G24i Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Richard Costello, stated, "The project represents a dawn of a new era for the Solar industry with the creation of indoor applications that do not require government subsidies while the building owner received a substantial savings."
The hotel will be the first in the world to deploy and utilize a large scale solar system indoors to power a major system autonomously using recycled light to produce electricity.
G24i and Skyco have already provided additional quotes for projects to other hotel chains and are currently in discussions with corporate and institutional clients.
Reference: G24 Innovation