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Etulipa announces cooperation with United Radiant Technology

Etulipa, a Dutch startup  company in reflective digital outdoor displays, changes from pilot production to mass production in cooperation with United Radiant Technology in Taiwan (URT), manufacturer of LCD small screen displays.
Etulipa develops reflective displays that reflect sunlight just like paper.  The reflective displays are based on the electro wetting technology, which enables highly reflective displays. URT develops and manufacturers non mobile LCD displays panels and modules for over 25 years.
Etulipa brings the first reflective product to the market that successfully passes all perception tests on readability and contrast under all outdoor conditions for out of home advertisement applications. With environmental benefits such as extreme low power consumption and a firm reduction of light pollution, this overcomes the disadvantages of LED displays
Etulipa and URT co-operate in the development of the production equipment for electro-wetting displays. URT states: "it is a unique business opportunity for us to stay ahead by innovation and thereby to expend our markets."
Hans Feil, founder of Etulipa: "The cooperation with URT enables us to manufacture our first reflective screens for our first customers. After 4 years of development we are very excited to change from pilot production to mass production and show digital paper at large sizes."
There has been a long quest for next generation outdoor displays that can be abundant as "paper".  Light pollution and energy consumption prohibit that LED displays can take that role. In addition, the Etulipa reflective screens have no negative effect on human health and are not disruptive for wild life. In conclusion, this technology will lift the ban wherever digital advertising is not allowed.
About Etulipa:
Etulipa invented the 2nd generation electro wetting technology. Etulipa's products can be used in a wide range of applications. With no light pollution and extreme low energy consumption Etulipa's reflective displays are the first digital displays that do not interfere with quality of life. Etulipa is situated in the heart of one of Europe's foremost R&D regions, the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven - The Netherlands.
Etulipa will be presenting at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event in Berlin 10-11 May 2017.
Source: Etulipa
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