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Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC partners with Power/Mation

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC, developer and manufacturer of intelligent web guide systems and web position sensors for the roll-to-roll and converting industry, announces its partnership with manufacturing distributor firm Power/mation, St Paul, MN, a leading distributor of high-tech industrial automation solutions in the Midwest. The partnerships allows Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC to reach the industrial automation market in the Midwest through Power/mation's network, and allow Power/mation to add to its line of industrial automation products Roll-2-Roll Technologies' innovative sensor technology for multiple applications in the converting industry.
According to the distributor agreement inked in October 2016, Power/mation will be an exclusive distributor of Roll-2-Roll Technologies' line of web guides and web positioning sensor products for the Midwest authorized territory of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.
Aravind Seshadri, president of Roll-2-Roll Technologies, says the partnership is a mutually beneficial agreement for both companies. "Power/mation stays in the forefront of automation industry by providing leading-edge technology solutions to its customers along with its exceptional value added customer service. We feel that our innovation products and their experience in distribution of industrial automation products and services are a perfect match that will bring great benefits to our customers."
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Source: Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC
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