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Blue Spark Technologies unveils innovative printed battery designs

Blue Spark Technologies, the leading supplier of thin, flexible printed battery solutions, now offers two additional battery designs that expand potential markets and product development possibilities for the company's eco-friendly, carbon-zinc printed battery technology. The new battery designs are variations on the company's ST (standard) Series of thin battery solutions and were developed in response to customer needs for customized low voltage power sources to power new and existing products.
According to Matt Ream, Blue Spark Technologies' vice president of marketing, "The new products are a natural progression of Blue Spark's printed electronics manufacturing and engineering capabilities. Design engineers and system integrators frequently turn to us to customize our standard 'green' printed batteries to meet their unique product design specifications. This customization, combined with our rapid prototyping and expert technical support, typically helps them realize lower production costs and faster time-to-market."
Blue Spark's two new battery designs can be integrated into the design, manufacturing and packaging of a vast array of products - easily, affordably and with reliable results. The new products include:
  • Blue Spark UT (ultra-thin) Series. The industry's thinnest printed battery currently in production, UT batteries are approximately 30 percent thinner and thus extremely flexible, even under high duty levels. The lower laminate profile (as thin as 500 microns ˜ 0.020 in) makes the UT Series well-suited to a wide variety of thin form factors, including transit tickets, loyalty cards, "smart cards" and RFID smart labels. Blue Spark has been working with a variety of printed display and electronic ink manufacturers to create some truly innovative new products and applications ranging from gaming to financial transactions.
Blue Spark UT batteries are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Typical standard form factors are 1.5V and can deliver approximately 12 mAh of energy. Overall voltage, storage capacity and thickness can be adjusted according to individual customer's power requirements.
  • Blue Spark HD (high-drain) Series. Designed to provide an extra boost of power in applications requiring higher peak current delivery, the HD Series offers about 5x greater peak drain current than Blue Spark's ST (Standard) Series. They are well-suited for use in applications involving transmission of power to an LED, display, sensor, speaker or other electronic device. They are also ideal for power-hungry RFID applications, such as active or real-time location systems (RTLS). In addition, their customizable, symmetric design allows for non-rectilinear shapes, such as might be used in transdermal drug delivery patches, wound care, and such novelty items as greeting cards with miniature speakers. Typically, peak current delivery can be in the area of 6 mA and beyond, depending on individual application's circuit requirements.
Blue Spark HD batteries are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The new cells feature 1.5V battery chemistry and overall energy storage capacity similar to the Blue Spark ST (Standard) Series. Blue Spark's engineering staff works closely with designers develop the right battery for each application.
All Blue Spark carbon-zinc printed batteries offer a significantly thinner profile than standard button or coin batteries. Plus they are "green" and disposable, fully meeting the European Union's RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) directive. For OEMs, converters and IT system designers interested in integrating thin batteries into their products and applications, Blue Spark Technologies offers deep domain expertise, extensive technical support, rapid prototyping and testing
About Blue Spark Technologies
Blue Spark Technologies is the leader in the integration of advanced electronic and power (battery) technology, into the design and manufacturing of solutions for improved products and higher levels of innovation for measurable business benefits. Blue Spark customers include manufacturers and integrators across multiple industries including: consumer packaged goods; packaging; RFID; pharmaceutical/drug delivery and cosmetics; novelty/gift cards; and a wide range of other industry applications. Blue Spark Technologies was founded in 2002 with intellectual property and executive expertise from the Eveready Battery Company (now Energizer). For more information, visit: External Link.
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