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Thin Battery Technologies is now Blue Spark Technologies

Thin Battery Technologies, the leading supplier of thin, flexible printed battery solutions, announced that the company's new name will be Blue Spark Technologies - a name that more closely represents the company's expanded solution offerings and broad range of applications.
Commenting on the evolution of the Blue Spark name, Gary Johnson, president and chief executive officer, states: "In today's movement towards eco-friendly technology, Blue represents the sustainability and earth friendliness that is built into all of our printed battery products. Spark is the innovation that is realized by our customers to invent products never before possible with existing battery technology. Our firm's commitment to 'Powering Innovation' provides the information and technical support necessary to stimulate new product concepts that are unachievable using any other power source technology - and then enables their realization by supporting applications from prototype through high-volume manufacturing."
Johnson continues: "In light of this comprehensive approach to serving our customers with new and exciting battery solutions, we feel this is the right time for the name of our company to embrace this commitment. With our expanded product line, growing business partner network and move toward large-scale production, we believe the name Blue Spark best captures the broad array of services we now offer. As we continue to lead in this marketplace, we are discovering that the potential uses for our printed batteries are virtually limitless."
Matt Ream, Blue Spark's vice president of marketing, adds: "The Blue Spark name and brand aptly expresses the qualities of our printed electronics energy solutions and our corporate vision - new, innovative, practical and eco-friendly. Our goal remains constant, however, which is to continue to help customers design, develop and sell improved products and higher levels of innovation for measurable business benefit."
True to its tagline - Powering Innovation™ - Blue Spark Technologies continues to drive innovation within its customer base by enabling product design and flexibility not previously possible using existing battery technologies. The firm's continued innovation in ongoing research and development has made its "green" batteries smaller, thinner and more cost-effective, while enabling companies to reduce their total costs, streamline manufacturing and assembly, and bring products to market faster.
Blue Spark's printed carbon-zinc batteries have gained traction among OEMs, product design engineers and system integrators in industry applications ranging from food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare and medical diagnostics, to "smart cards", radio frequency (RF)-based sensors and RFID tags, interactive packaging, merchandising displays, consumer products and novelty items. Blue Spark has been shipping commercial volumes of product for the past 3 years.
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