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Notion Systems n.jet platforms

Notion Systems GmbH is focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-precision inkjet printers for a wide variety of applications in printed electronics as well as other functional fluid applications. Notion Systems' "n.jet" platforms are available in both lab/R&D and industrial/production scale models. Both models feature a high precision mechanical design, fully optimized and custom configured control software, and a wide range of flexible specifications that can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of the customer application. Every system is developed, constructed, and configured according to the customer's specific needs, thereby ensuring the customer receives a fully customized solution.
The key features of both models are very high drop placement precision and customized print strategies, which are very beneficial to functional inkjet printing applications. This combination is responsible for enabling innovative printing processes (previously unthinkable) to move into 24/7 production. The n.jet production inkjet printers can also be fully integrated by Notion Systems engineers into the work flow of a customer's fab! Additionally, other automation concepts and data handling can be designed and suited according to specific requirements of the customer's existing production equipment (such as loaders, robots, handling axis etc.).
Overall, the capabilities of the n.jet printers make them ideal for use in any functional printing application using inkjet, from printing conductive inks and other materials for display, sensor, 3D, coating, and touch panel applications, as well as for a variety of others using both low or high viscosity fluids. With a large variety of supported print heads to choose from, measurement equipment, pre- and post -inspection capabilities and tank systems, n.jet inkjet printers help realize the best process solution in a cost effective way.
In addition to system design and manufacturing, Notion Systems also offers process development services. The advanced knowledge and experience of our process development group helps to ensure that every aspect of the customer's process is considered and thoroughly optimized. By utilizing our specialized consulting, testing, process parameter/step optimization, and sample preparation both during pre- and post-sale stages, customers can feel confident that they are using the most effective approach based on their specific needs.
More information about our products, expertise, and capabilities can be found online at External Link. Notion Systems GmbH is proud to be a silver sponsor of IDTechex Printed Electronics show 2016 at Santa Clara. For further information, please feel free to visit our team during the exhibition at booth G12.
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