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Ready-made solar ink paves way for high volume production

Striking solar cell designs, semi-transparency and colors are not typically words associated with solar cells. But with printed polymer solar cells endless opportunities are possible through its freedom of design and color selection. infinityPV is now offering active layer inks for roll-to-roll fabrication of polymer solar cells. The inks, based on organic semiconductor materials, are known as production inks (PI) and are developed and optimized for industrial manufacturing of organic solar cells, applying fast roll-to-roll (R2R) coating techniques.
Currently, infinityPV offers four inks for sale with optimized photovoltaic properties and tailored visual impressions. infinityPV inks ensure cost competitiveness, superior results, high yields, highly uniform solid films, robustness in large scale production under ambient conditions, and high performance in a wide range of film thicknesses.
This makes infinityPV inks a perfect match for high speed production of organic solar cells on flexible substrates. The inks are sold pre-formulated and ready to use.
infinityPV is Danish developer and manufacturer of printed organic solar cells, as well as materials and test equipment for printed electronics.
Products include solar cells, inks, transparent conductive electrodes, solar simulators, and characterization and manufacturing hardware. The key interest of infinityPV is polymer solar cells, a technology that promises an alternative to traditional silicon solar cells. Polymer solar cells can exhibit flexibility, transparency and tailored colors.
This suggests applications in areas not previously considered for solar cell technology e.g. windows, fabrics, architectural features, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), flexible electronics, energy harvesting, etc.
Source and top image: infinityPV
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