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Vitex and Novaled will cooperate on OLED thin film encapsulation

Vitex, leader in thin film encapsulation and Novaled, leader in highly efficient long lifetime OLEDs are going to combine advantages of the Vitex Barix™ thin film technology with the Novaled doping technology and materials targeting very thin and high efficiency long lifetime OLED products.
OLED displays must be protected from water and moisture, which can react with both organic and inorganic active layers degrading performance and display appearance. In fact, if left unprotected, these displays would last only hours before being rendered useless. The only way to protect these displays has been to mechanically sandwich the active OLED materials between sheets of glass, or a combination of glass sheet and metal can, along with a desiccant to absorb moisture penetrating the adhesive seal at the edges. These mechanical moisture barriers are heavy and rigid and add significant cost and complexity; all of which reduce the intrinsic advantages of OLEDs over LCDs and other display technologies.
The lack of an effective thin-film moisture and oxygen barrier has been the principal impediment to the commercial development of flexible electronics and displays. There's no doubt that a flexible substrate would reduce weight and thickness by 50-90 percent, be highly robust, and offer new design and market opportunities for both commercial and military applications. Attempts to produce flexible devices however, have been largely unsuccessful because moisture and oxygen easily penetrate plastic, limiting usable lifetime and eventually destroying the device .
Vitex has developed an ideal solution to resolve moisture and oxygen sensitivity problems in the production of OLED displays and other sensitive electronic devices. Specifically, Vitex is applying its proprietary technology to create a moisture and oxygen barrier that is equivalent to a sheet of glass. The resulting multi-layer barrier can be applied to flexible plastic film or over a finished display. Using its proprietary technology, Vitex has developed Barix™ encapsulation and Flexible Glass Engineered Substrate.
Vitex has developed an innovative thin film encapsulation targeting ultra thin OLED devices. With the cooperation between Vitex and Novaled, the market will benefit from very efficient and very thin OLED devices.
"Novaled holds world records for power efficient OLEDs. Our strategy is to provide complete OLED solutions around our Novaled PIN OLED™ technology", states Gildas Sorin, Novaled CEO. "The cooperation with Vitex illustrates our company approach. Novaled customers will benefit from the Vitex technology for their advanced design."
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