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Self-sustaining, interactive, solar-powered street furniture concept

JCDecaux and ARMOR are inventing a new self-sustaining, interactive, solar-powered street furniture concept.
JCDecaux and ARMOR's objectives are to overcome the challenge of the energy transition, to be co-players in tomorrow's sustainable city and to innovate in the area of urban communication methods. The two companies are unveiling a new-concept urban interaction demonstration unit.
JCDecaux SA, an outdoor advertising company worldwide, and ARMOR, a leader in printing technologies, have presented the proof-of-concept for self-sustaining, interactive, solar-powered street furniture. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the two French groups with international reach, this new concept is a real hub of technological innovation for the benefit of citizens. Equipped with ARMOR's ASCA© brand photovoltaic film in order to be energy self-sustaining, the furniture will include a very-low-energy, interactive screen with a range of possibilities for disseminating information, including a calendar of city events, for polling residents about a given topic, for example. Residents will be able to interact with the screen using their mobile phones.
Fully in line with corporate social responsibility, ARMOR and JCDecaux's strategies are complementary: ARMOR is reinventing itself in renewable energy and JCDecaux uses this technology in building the city of tomorrow. Both groups place innovation at the very heart of their strategies and development, drawing on the potential of local professionals in order to promote French-based innovation. Both the aesthetic and ecological features of the ASCA© photovoltaic film attracted JCDecaux, which used this technology to invent an innovative urban concept, both in terms of conception and design. Manufactured using a very low-carbon process with no rare or toxic components, ASCA © is light and flexible. Equipped with an ASCA © photovoltaic module, this demonstration unit shows how we are looking to "decarbonise" cities, using systems that include French, eco-friendly, photovoltaic energy in the manufacturing process.
Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR, said: "ARMOR is driven by one ambition: to be useful to people while integrating social innovation within the very heart of our business model. ASCA©, a "low carbon" innovative solar film, which is light and does not contain any rare metals, enables us to reconcile industry and the environment. Naturally, this led ARMOR to work on all its industrial applications that also promote sustainable development, such as JCDecaux's self-sustaining street furniture concept. This partnership is one of the first projects in which ARMOR is putting ASCA©, the material of the new millennium, to work to serve tomorrow's sustainable city. Other infrastructure and building projects are currently being studied".
Rémi Pheulpin, Executive Vice-President, Research, Production and Operations at JCDecaux, said: "We are delighted about this partnership with ARMOR which, thanks to the ASCA© film, is enabling us to consider self-sustaining, interactive street furniture that seamlessly incorporates solar energy. In this era of smart cities, JCDecaux is positioning itself to be one of the major players in this field and is already participating in the emergence of an increasingly connected, human, open and sustainable city."
JCDecaux will be speaking at the IDTechEx Show! May 10-11 2017 in Berlin, Germany.
Source and top image: JCDecaux
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