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LG Chem starts operation of carbon nanotube plant

LG Chem Ltd said they have begun mass-production of carbon nanotubes from the new factory in Yeosu, South Korea. The company aims to become the world's fourth largest producer of carbon nanotubes by next year with a production capacity of 400 tons. Currently China's SUSN Sinotech New Materials with a 600-ton capacity is the leading producer.
LG Chem is said to have invested 25 billion won ($21 million) in the facility and will gradually increase the supply volume to fully operational by the close of 2018.
Carbon Nanotubes and their compounds exhibit extraordinary electrical properties for organic materials, and have a huge potential in electrical and electronic applications such as photovoltaics, sensors, semiconductor devices, displays, conductors, smart textiles and energy conversion devices (eg fuel cells, harvesters and batteries) and the demand for carbon nanotubes is rising rapidly.
LG Chem provides various types of carbon nanotubes such as powder, liquid and compressed to serve customer requirements.
Top image: LG Chem
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