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External Company Press Release

CeraPrinter F-Serie manufacturing equipment for semiconductor industry

"Printed Electronics field grows fast showing the demand for emerging functional devices, which make our life more secure and smart. The potential of this development is in the core of our business model by providing Advanced CeraPrinter Equipment for the actors. The system supplies the players with the solution starting from Advanced R&D up to Industrial Applications. Due to this commitment, we are very much pleased to be highlighted by such an innovative company as IRLYNX based in FRANCE. The actor is a manufacturer of high added value Human Activity Sensing Modules, permitting to collect the important data through the complex sensing device. We are very much pleased that CeraPrinter F-Serie is in use for production in semiconductor industry. As well as, the IRLYNX's choice of our cutting-edge Platform strengthens not only the technical performances, but also CERADROP strong Process Development support, which goes with the system. Such an offer emerged from our customer utmost requirements as well as our desire to provide a Global Solution in the target to reach industrialization." stated Nicolas Bernardin, Deputy Managing Director at CERADROP
"IRLYNX, a fast start-up in industrial growth, makes the strategic choice to get equipped with the last generation of machine inkjet printer models series F to produce its technology Above-CMOS IC. In addition to the equipment quality, CERADROP has demonstrated its ability to address the issues of the start-up in pre-industrialization phase, by proposing a strong flexibility and a constant adaptation. The close co-operation with CERADROP's technical teams in the process development, adapted to the pace of a start-up with the same requirements as in industry, allowed IRLYNX to be immediately operational in the use of the machine already settled for two months on the CERTEM platform in Tours, FRANCE. This kind of technology allows IRLYNX to progress with full autonomy, optimize its time and working performances. IRLYNX technical teams notice that the cycle time of R&D is almost reduced by a factor 10 in comparison to a classic semi-conductor flow. The machine is compatible both in capacity and in investment cost to produce in small and medium scale volume. This choice of a new innovative industrial pathway will allow IRLYNX to reduce its time to market and provide greater responsiveness to customers. Thanks to CERADROP, in a very tight schedule we could validate our functional materials turn out by the machine which showed themselves in perfect adequacy with our most aggressive specifications." noted Dr L Fritsch, Technology Manager at IRLYNX.
The MGI Group is composed of MGI Digital Technology, headquartered in Fresnes, France, CERADROP, located in Limoges, France and KÖRA-PACKMAT, located in Villingendorf, Germany. Founded in 1982, MGI Digital Technology designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of award- winning digital presses and a complete line of versatile finishing solutions. CERADROP designs and markets Materials Deposition Digital Printers exclusively for Printed Electronics Industry and Smart 3D Printing. Thanks to its modular-based scalable concept, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products into the Printed Electronics market. Combining several materials deposition technologies as well as the latest generation of curing modules, this equipment line permits to reach a wide range of application elds such as: membrane switch, antennas, sensors, passive components, interconnection, flexible solar cells (OPV), OLED Displays and others. As the subsidiary of MGI Group focused on Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing, CERADROP can call up more than 60 engineers specialized in inkjet engine, mechanics, automation, software, chemistry, and ink management to supply the best materials deposition digital printing solution from advanced R&D up to 24/7 high performance manufacturing including photonic curing and high throughput manufacturing capacity of several m2/min. Moreover, CERADROP is supported by the MGI Group network in 70 countries with 50 representatives. Achieving more than 75% of its turnover from export and providing a unique process support to its customers, CERADROP makes easier and more ef cient use of Digital Printing technology for Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing worldwide.
IRLYNX develops and manufactures low cost human activity sensing modules for Smart Buildings, especially office and retail. IRLYNX use thermal infra- red technology to deliver advanced data about people activity. In particular, our sensing modules are able to detect presence or absence, count people, evaluate location, assess motion direction. These data open the way to many applications, including building automation, energy savings, occupancy analytics and space management. IRLYNX designed a passive infrared detection array that uses the heat that any human is emitting and transform it into electric signals. We use an exclusive, all markets licensed infrared technology based on CMOS, which is compatible with mass-market and allows very low cost. IRLYNX combined this technology with radically new IR optics and embedded algorithms to design a complete, plug-and-play, sensing module. The IR signal is processed directly inside the module, delivering the real-time data needed for buildings' automation, along with guaranteeing people's privacy.
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