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100% in-line printed electronics inspection

Printed and patterned flexible circuit materials must be of high print and material quality. 100% fully automated inspection systems can assure quality standards are maintained.
The ISRA VISION smash PCB™ inspection system can be used in printed electronics applications to detect defects to include: misregistration, shorts, opens, cracks, "mouse bites", and substrate defects. The system uses algorithms that guarantee 100% inspection of every print repeat. The high computing power of the SMASH WEB PROCESSOR delivers objective, repeatable inspection results - even at high processing speeds.
The ISRA Smash PCB™ Inspection System is a flexible automated surface inspection system that can provide quality evaluation and control along every step of the production process - from raw material to final product. Defects are classified by type and the location of each defect is mapped. Continuous web (reel to reel) or sheets can be inspected. The alarms for shorts, opens, or repeating defects result in defect reduction. High quality images of the printed or patterned flexible circuit material allow for faster time to make ready. This reduces waste and improves throughput.
100% Inspection of every print repeat for guaranteed product reliability
The main feature of ISRA's modular system includes special, in-house developed hardware components with impressive performance data with simple to use modular software. ISRA's extensive image process library for surface inspection tasks includes algorithms that provide surface inspection, print inspection, detection of misregistration, and color trending based on user definable criteria. The ISRA SMASH System inspects each printed repeat at the highest speeds with superior resolution and image quality. The ISRA SMASH Print 100% inspection system is the only system applicable to all processes regardless of web widths, production speeds, and substrate types.
Typical defects like misregistration, shorts, opens, cracks, "mouse-bites", and substrate defects can be accurately recognized and selectively flagged. The SMASH PCB Inspection System offer standard modules that guarantee reliable defect classification for accurate flagging of only defects of interest. Color line scan cameras are used as the "eyes" during the print inspection. If color deviations are of no interest, black and white cameras are utilized. As opposed to traversing systems, the ISRA SMASH PCB System inspects 100% of the web or sheet with line cameras set in fixed positions across the entire product. As a result, the quality of every repeat is verified.
The heart of the SMASH inspection system is the SMASH WEB PROCESSOR, which allows images of each repeat to be processed quickly at speeds of several hundred meters per minute. The user interface was developed as a result of ISRA's converting experience with over 1000 installations on converting lines globally. Specific functions can be password protected and screen displays can be configured to show only the information of interest to the user. Reliable inspection is possible regardless of web deviations, distortions, or stretch. Additional monitoring tasks, including monitoring any deviations in color of various colors or segments in the repeat as well as repeat stretch measurement and registration measurement and trending can be realized.
All inspection results are stored in a database and can be accessed for further analysis. The entire batch history, summary results, and statistics can be reviewed in real time. The extensive statistics functions and the user graphics can be adapted to the customer's custom specifications; thus, the ISRA SMASH delivers complete quality documentation.
100% Process monitoring with integrated workflow solutions
The Smash PCB™ solution can be combined with ISRA's Rewind Manager™ for automated operation of doctor machines and rewinders, based on the qualified results of the 100% inspection. This allows an automated removal of reported defects.
For interactive verification of reported defects, ISRA provides optional review solutions. These systems, which comprise high-resolution camera systems, an enhanced motorized zoom optics, integrated autofocus and illumination devices, and an interactive software package which, when integrated for instance on a rewinder or doctor machine, allows to perform measurement tasks and detailed analysis of the product.
Advanced Yield Management solutions provide comprehensive information throughout the production process and the information necessary to optimize processes and enhance the yield.
Flexible for any demand within the global market
The use of the Smash PCB™ Inspection System family ensures product quality, process optimization, and safeguards the users' ability to stay ahead of the competition in the global marketplace. The above benefits guarantee a fast and reliable return on investment and contribute to the company's future success. In addition, flexible circuit manufacturers have the benefit of partnering with the leading image processing specialist. ISRA is a company that has proven its performance capability in countless projects on the international playing field.
100% Inspection of Printed and Patterned Flexible Circuit Materials
Company Profile ISRA VISION
ISRA VISION ( External Link) is one of the world's leading suppliers of intelligent machine vision systems. ISRA technologies enable digital image processing capabilities while controlling automated production processes. Our focus is on solutions for robot guidance for highly complicated tasks (robot vision), surface inspection of complex surfaces such as print images, coatings and web materials (surface vision) as well as quality control during assembly processes (quality vision). The ISRA group has locations around the world and employs approx. 410 staff members.
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