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Concept e-paper smart calendar

Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi has created a concept epaper calendar he calls the Magic Calendar which syncs with a smartphone. The calendar was designed as part of Google's Japanese Android Experiments, where ideas are submitted to improve the convenience of our lives.
Magic Calendar is a device shaped like an idea according to Tsuboi. "What if there is a calendar that combines the merit of both paper and smartphone?" With a paper calendar, schedules are written by hand and the calendar is always available and easy to view. Meanwhile, the calendar on a smartphone provides easier schedule management, but you have to take out the smartphone every time you need it, unlock it and launch the application.
When installing a dedicated Android smartphone application, pairing a smartphone and Magic Calendar allows your schedule to appear on the surface of Magic Calendar. Since Magic Calendar uses high-definition electronic paper which requires little electricity, it will be able to be used for three months with one charge.
The designer says "I want to make existence like "intermediate between paper and device". I conceived Magic Calendar as one form of the future where the Internet dissolves in every substance of daily life."
The Magic Calendar will be further developed although there are no details yet of commercial availability. The current version uses a low reflection display, but will continue to be developed so that it can be brought closer to the texture of paper when high-definition electronic paper can be used in the future. The calendar syncs to Google Calendar to allow constant updating of the paper-like calendar, providing both technology and the old-style feel of a paper calendar hanging on a wall.
Source and top image: Android Experiments OBJECT
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