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ORGACON Conductive Inks Do More For Printed Electronics

AGFA offers two core and unique technologies addressing the needs of the Printed Electronics market.
ORGACONTM conductive polymer inks offer a printable and cost-alternative to ITO for automotive, home appliance, medical and industrial human-machine interfaces with capacitive sensing elements. Flexibility and formability of the printed electrodes are adding unique advantages for 2-D and 3-D design of interfaces. The inks can be both screen- and digitally printed typically in the range of several hundred Ohms per square with high transparency.
Courtesy of Multek
ORGACONTM nanosilver inks feature very high conductivity (50 mOhm/Sq) with a low silver deposition (1 micron DFT) and supports high-resolution patterning as low as 30 microns. Flexibility and formability are also other benefits of the conductive traces. Ultra-fine resolution enables the capability of increasing the density of conductive traces or interconnects but also the printing of almost-invisible meshes by screen-printing, making possible a one-step printing for the conductive layer of capacitive sensors. ORGACON nanosilver can be screen-, digital and flexo printed. High-volume printed electronics applications can be made on paper-type substrates like Powercoat® thanks to very thin layer deposition and curing speed
Source: AGFA
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