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Thinfilm first commercial shipment of temperature sensor smart labels

Thin Film Electronics ASA has successfully completed the first commercial shipment of a novel hybrid temperature sensor smart label, delivering a production quantity to go-to-market-partner, Emerson. Emerson is a global leader in providing cold-chain temperature monitoring solutions within the perishable food vertical. Thinfilm also expects to ship labels in June to Temptime, its go-to-market partner and leader in the pharmaceutical cold-chain space.
Thinfilm's smart label is a temperature-sensing device that includes both printed components and conventional circuitry, which allows it to detect temperature excursions outside of a specific range programmed during the manufacturing process. The labels feature fully printed electrochromic displays produced using roll-based manufacturing processes at Thinfilm's facility in Linköping, Sweden.
Features & Benefits
  • Crystal clear display
  • No pre-conditioning required prior to use
  • Start button to activate the label
  • Very thin, flexible label for integration into packages of different shapes and curvatures
  • Multiple readout options for clear, definitive results
  • Stand-alone - no external power supply or wiring required
  • Temperature and excursion times factory programmable
Source and top image: Thinfilm
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