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External Company Press Release

First display modules from prelonic

Produced via screen printing on PET film and thin like paper. The display is able to show a sign and was designed and printed fully integrated together with the push button and the required battery.
"These prototypes will be the base of the market entry in 2009. Such modules can operate as stand-alone application in marketing material, greeting cards or gaming cards. We are able to offer these modules in large quantities to reasonable low prices. Before, we are going to launch some test products to explore and investigate different applications and markets." Friedrich Eibensteiner, CEO of prelonic, is describing the next steps ahead.
Printed batteries and simple displays are known for some years and ready for mass application. In spite of that, the volumes for discrete batteries and displays did not develop like expected by some companies producing those products. One reason could be the difficulties in assembly and integration to a product or application.
It turned out, that one single printed element could not support an application. It needs some different elements to create a product. This could be realised via hybrid products: combinations of printed elements and classical SMD devices or silicon chips. Such hybrid products will support many applications. But the printed electronics revolution does not aim hybrid technology, it aims full printed products. However, the combination of different full printed elements via assembly processes after the printing is as complex as assembly in classical electronics.
prelonic will solve this problem by supplying stand-alone modules with full functionality. No further assembly is required due to fully integrated printing processes.
For mass volumes with reproducible quality and performance, prelonic is ramping up production capacities and will move in a new facility soon.
Display Module without cover: shows battery push buttons, contactive area and display
"Till now we used our sheet equipment for producing the prototypes. It is fast enough to produce prototypes and low volumes. To prepare for the ramp up in 2009 we had to acquire roll-to-roll equipment. Our 5-stage roll-to-roll screen printer will enable the volumes expected in the next year. It shifts us in a new era of production scale, but it will be only an intermediate state: rotary screen-printing, gavure and flexo printing equipment will be the target production technologies at the end." Friedrich Eibensteiner states.

Company description

prelonic technologies OG is a high-tech start-up in the new field of printed electronics founded in 2007 in Linz, Austria. prelonic aims to become a leading player in development and mass production of integrated and printed electronic modules, like display modules, sensor modules and RFID modules. These products will be paper-thin, flexible and could be customized to every form and application.

The founders

Friedrich Eibensteiner (46), CEO
Dr. Eibensteiner is founder of prelonic . He is an innovative entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in building up high tech companies. Prior to starting prelonic he was managing and growing high tech companies in the fields of printed electronics and transponder technology.
From 1997 to 2000 he ran his own consulting company (SYSAN - Systemic answers) in the technology segments Biotechnology and Systems Analysis, before he joined the Trierenberg Group and built up the Systems Integrator for Transponder Technology TRICON. Before founding prelonic he was CEO and Managing Director of the Nanoident Organic FAB GmbH.
Heinz Durstberger (50), CFO
Heinz Durstberger is co-founder of prelonic. He was member of the Board of Directors of TRIERENBERG HOLDING AG, a globally active industrial group, and headed a number of electronic and polymer companies in Europe, Asia and in the US. Before, he managed an international group, active in the electrical power engineering industry.
Heinz Durstberger achieved a remarkable track record in strategic development, internationalization, sustainable growth and turnaround of single companies and groups. In 2008 Heinz Durstberger founded his own investment company " XENOX CAPITAL".
For more information:
Dr. Friedrich Eibensteiner
+43 664 67686 246
Hafenstrasse 47-51
4020 Linz, Austria
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