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New printed and irreversible display

Chromera Inc is a San Diego-based provider of verification technologies to industries including retail, logistics, shipping, and healthcare. Chromera is developing a new class of smart labels so those on-the-spot encounters can be harnessed to reduce waste, streamline operations, strengthen customer relationships and generate new business.
Chromera empowers everyone to participate with smart labels that visually communicate the current condition or state of the goods - and what action, if any, they should take. Chromera is focused on development and integration of technologies such as:
  • POS authorization/activation
  • Interactive packaging
  • Various verification technologies
  • Smart contracts
  • Wireless system integration
VerichromeTM summary:
  • Single-layer
  • Stencil/screen printable
  • Can be printed on interdigitated ITO, conductive silver inks, or sandwiched between two sheets of solid ITO-coated substrate
  • No curing stage required
  • Minimal encapsulation reqts (UV-block film recommended)
  • Activated with ~3V power (no complicated power reqts)
  • Wide environmental window (preliminary and ongoing): 90C for 8 weeks with no activation/fading issues, -40C for 4 weeks with no activation/fading issues, 100% Rh @ 40C for 6 weeks with no activation/fading issues
Source and images: Chromera Inc
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