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Xerox researcher recognized by Scientific American

Beng Ong named as one of top 50 research leaders

This month Scientific American Magazine named Beng Ong, research fellow and manager of advanced materials and organic electronics, Xerox, as one of the top 50 technology and business leaders for his work on printed plastic based circuits.
Named "Business Leader" in chemicals and materials, Ong leads a team at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Ontario, in developing high-performance materials that enable printing flexible transistor circuits at low temperatures and in open air. These parameters enable high low cost high volume manufacturing.

Xerox's organic semiconductor activities

Xerox are targeting the following applications as entry points for their organic semiconductor activities:
  • Displays and memories
  • Electronic paper (Xerox Media Inc - supermarket shelf signage trials)
  • Active matrix display drivers - polymer and later LCD drivers
  • RFID
Xerox, owning over 340 patents in this area, have developed "proprietary printing technology" achieving 5 micron channel separation. This is acoustic ink jet technology. Another route of production they are exploring is to print nanoparticles of polymers then fuse them.

Ong presents at Printed Electronics 2004

Ong is one of the key speakers at the Printed Electronics conference in New Orleans, Dec 6-8. See for details.
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