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New smart clothing technology

DuPont Advanced Materials (DuPont) have announced availability of its newest generation of stretchable electronic inks and films for smart clothing. The materials are being unveiled with a new brand identity - DuPont™ Intexar™ smart clothing technology. Intexar™ transforms ordinary fabrics into active, connected, intelligent garments that provide critical biometric data including heart rate, breathing rate, form awareness and muscle tension. Intexar™ offers superior stretch and comfort and is easily integrated into garments to make smart clothing.
"Every athlete - from professional to everyday - can benefit from smart clothing to help boost their performance; but it has to look good and feel good," said Michael Burrows, global business manager, DuPont Advanced Materials. "Intexar™ is a game-changing technology and will truly move the needle in making smart garments as comfortable as regular fitness clothing."
Available as a suite of premium and high-performing stretchable electronic inks and flexible substrates, Intexar™ is seamlessly embedded directly onto fabric using standard apparel manufacturing processes to create thin, form-fitting circuits. Garments powered by Intexar™ can endure over 100 washes, and continue to perform through repeated stretching and demanding performance.
Body Plus has created a smart fitness shirt commercially available in China that uses DuPont™ Intexar™ to enable real-time monitoring and data collection, e.g., heart rate, breathing and muscles movements.
OMsignal have developed a high-end fitness sports bra and a comfortable, attractive lifestyle bra, both boasting advanced sensory technologies capturing real time ECG, respiration and physical activity. "We're using Intexar™ prints for our ECG sensors. Intexar™ technology is enabling multiple applications well beyond athletic apparel and is helping us to make smart clothing mainstream," said Frederic Chanay, CEO and co-founder of OMsignal.
DuPont™ Intexar™ smart clothing technology is able to monitor pulse, breathing rate, muscle tension and form awareness with potential markets in athletics, medical and military and first responders.
Source and top image: DuPont™ Intexar™
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