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G24i Innovations Names John Hartnett as CEO

G24 Innovations (G24i), a solar energy pioneer, has announced the appointment of John Hartnett as chief executive officer. Mr Hartnett joins from Palm Inc. He brings a deep understanding of global markets and a wealth of Silicon Valley experience. John will divide his time between the company's manufacturing and research headquarters in Cardiff and a newly-established hub in Silicon Valley and will assume responsibility for leading G24i's next stage of expansion in global markets.
G24i is the world's first commercial manufacturer of next generation Dye-Sensitised Thin Film solar cells. Its pioneering technology offers a lightweight, flexible and silicon-free alternative to traditional solar cells and, most critically, works in low-light and indoor conditions. By focusing on portability rather than grid tied systems, it has created a range of new possibilities for solar energy to replace expensive and environmentally unfriendly batteries. Current applications focus on powering mobile electronic devices and LED lighting systems.
Mr Hartnett (46) will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors at G24i. John has most recently served as senior vice president of global markets at Palm Inc and held responsibility for worldwide sales, service and support. Hartnett's 25 year career in global technology has also included management, operations, sales and marketing positions at Metacreations, Claris, AT&T, Digital Equipment and Wang.
Robert Hertzberg, co-founder and Chairman of G24i, commented: "This appointment will propel G24i into the next phase of its rapid evolution. John has the right blend of global experience in portable technology applications and a proven track record in Silicon Valley. He will help our technology have a global impact, bringing sustainability to mobile and indoor technology and other 'non-traditional' solar environments."
John Hartnett added: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead G24i through the next stage of the company's expansion. This is an exciting time for greentech companies with innovative technology platforms, and G24i is perfectly positioned to become a dominate market force."
Edward Stevenson, G24i's co-founder and interim CEO, commented: "I am thrilled to be handing the reigns over to John and look forward to working hand-in-hand with him as chief operating officer. This business has come a very long way in a short space of time and its future is limited only by the depth of our imagination. Our technology allows the renewable energy revolution to start from bottom up and not top down."
Mr Hartnett will commence his new role on December 1st 2008.
About G24i
G24 Innovations (G24i), a UK based company, is the world's first to commercially manufacture next generation Dye-Sensitized Thin Film solar cells, an alternative to traditional silicon solar cells.
Dye-Sensitized Thin Film solar cells are unique in that they are extremely lightweight, durable, and produce electricity in low-light and indoor conditions. As a result, G24i's advanced solar cells are perfect for powering mobile electronic devices such as mobile telephones, cameras, and portable LED lighting systems.
On a larger scale, G24i's flexible thin film integrates effectively into clothing, tents, electronic advertising displays, and works well for indoor building integrated photovoltaic systems where local regulation requires on site generation or significant energy efficiency measures.
G24i's proprietary high speed roll-to-roll manufacturing process allows for large volume production at its 23 acre, 187,000 square foot facility. Further information at: External Link.
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