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OrganicID to announce new partnership

Link with world's largest paper products company

OrganicID, a US company developing organic semiconductor based RFID tags and other circuits, will announce next week at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics conference a new partnership with "the World's largest paper products company."
OrganicID is developing low-cost, printable RFID tags made from organic (plastics) materials. The company's goal is to bring the cost per tag to less than $0.01 (1 US cent), which is potentially achievable by removing the silicon used in conventional RFID tags today.
OrganicID say they should be able to achieve production ready printed 13.56MHz RFID tags in two years, enabling them to tackle the largest RFID markets - involving item level tagging - where the tag can ultimately be printed in the same way that a barcode is printed today.
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