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Electric Trikes Improve

Evovelo has just announced its prototype electric trike, which can reach speeds of 45 kph with a drivers' cab and solar panel on the roof. The Mö, as Evovelo has named their vehicle, will have a removable 1,000 Wh battery and space for two adults and two children. Its range is 50 km in its electric mode and it can also be used like a bicycle. Reservations are available for 300 Euro and the vehicle itself will cost about 5,000 euros.
Raghu Das, CEO of analysts IDTechEx comments, "This should be seen as progress towards wide adoption of energy independent electric vehicles (EIV). In emerging countries, tuktuk two stroke taxis cause considerable deaths from pollution. Pure electric three wheel taxis have lead acid batteries being expensively replaced every nine months with pollution and injuries from poor disposal. The number of people able to pedal manual taxis all day is limited."
Many solar three wheelers have been demonstrated but putting them into production is rare. Some have a modest "perpetual" speed in sunshine, never needing a plug-in.
Das says, "Perhaps the Evovelo machine will do that better. Either way, the exciting thing is that many improvements are coming such as longer lasting suitable lead acid batteries from Terra Motors Japan, affordable lithium-ion traction batteries, extending and conformal wider area photovoltaics, better lightweighting, affordable gallium arsenide solar at up to 40% efficiency and more efficient powertrains." He adds,
"Potential is at least ten million three wheel vehicles yearly with long range and long life. We have reports on all these things and the world's first conference on Energy Independent Vehicles at the Technical University of Delft September 27-28 to support this nascent industry with its huge potential".
Top image source: Evovelo

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Posted on: August 25, 2017

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