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External Company Press Release

Zephyr Technology and ADInstruments Pty Ltd forge alliance

Zephyr™ Technology Ltd and ADInstruments have announced the signing of a supply agreement, whereby Zephyr™ will provide ADInstruments with the Zephyr™ BioHarness™ wireless physiological monitoring device.
Zephyr™ s BioHarness™ is based on advanced, patented technology including fabric-based sensors, electronics and BioSense™ algorithms. The product has been developed in conjunction with US Special Operations, and users such as the NASA Ames Centre, and researchers at Stanford University. The device measures heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, posture and activity.
ADInstruments will offer the BioHarness™ together with its LabChart data acquisition software to provide their customers with greater flexibility through wireless monitoring capabilities that the BioHarness™ offers.
According to Graham Milliken, CEO of ADInstruments "This new relationship with Zephyr™ assists us in our mission to make the goals of today's researchers and educators easier to achieve. The wireless nature of the BioHarness™, with its comprehensive data streams, and the comfort offered by the smartfabric strap makes the device an excellent addition to our LabChart data acquisition software. The two systems combined will help us remain the system of choice for thousands of researchers and educators worldwide."
"ADInstruments has shown themselves to be one of the world-leaders in the field of data acquisition and analysis for research and education," says Brian Russell, CEO of Zephyr™. "We are naturally delighted to be working with ADInstruments, and in the process adding significant value to their product line with Zephyr™s BioHarness™."
About Zephyr™ Technology Ltd
Founded in 2003, Zephyr Technology supplies its patented fabric sensors and complete monitoring solutions for applications in markets including Research, Sports, Defence, First Responder and Healthcare. In these applications, Zephyr transmits physiological and biomechanical information across internal or external (VHF) wireless radio solutions. This information is logged, or displayed real-time via Zephyr™ or third party software applications. Strategic customers of Zephyr™ include Stanford University, NASA Ames Research Centre, and US Special Operations.
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