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Soligie and Acreo partner for roll-to-roll production

Soligie, a market leader in the design and manufacture of Printed Electronics and ACreo, a leading Swedish research institute, have announced that they have entered into an agreement for the development and volume manufacturing of Acreo's printed electrochromic display technology, PaperDisplay™.
The PaperDisplay products are based on Acreo's patented electrochromic paper electronics technology, and will be manufactured using Soligie's proprietary web-based printed electronics production processes. The unique, durable PaperDisplay can be printed on paper and plastic substrates and creased, bent and folded without affecting the display function. Once the display is activated, it takes only a small current to keep it updated. These features make the PaperDisplay ideal for disposable indicators, smart labels, medical patches, packaging, novelties and greeting cards.
Leif Ljungqvist, Vice President for Acreo notes: "With Soligie's expertise on developing, integrating and manufacturing printed electronics technologies into high volume applications, we believe our collaboration will allow many brand holders to add value to their products. Previous displays with costly materials, high power requirements and rigid form factors were impractical for most product applications, but PaperDisplay overcomes these issues and opens new options."
"Soligie is excited to add Acreo's PaperDisplay to our growing toolbox of printed electronics technologies. Our customers in medical, consumer and industrial products are eager to be among the first to integrate functionality such as the PaperDisplay into a wide array of products where flexible form factor and robust construction are necessary," commented Matt Timm, President of Soligie.
Working with contract R&D in microelectronics, optics and communication technology, Acreo provides innovative solutions contributing to growth and profitability. Acreo specializes in organic electronics, semiconductor technology, fiber optics and optical networking.
Specifically Acreo has a long term commitment to the development of Printed Electronics. The development of Printed Electronics is an ongoing cooperation between Acreo and Linkopings University (LiU) that has been supported by VINNOVA, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems. Acreo has, together with LiU developed a full technology platform for printed electronics based on electrochemical functionalities including among other things PaperDisplay, transistors, conductors, batteries, diodes and CDM (Controlled Delamination Materials).
Soligie is the leading company to utilize high speed manufacturing to produce printed electronics with a variety of conductive, resistive and proprietary materials on flexible substrates such as PET, paper and foil. The Company is on the cutting edge of a new industry that will enable production of electronic components using high speed, fully additive roll-to-roll processes. Soligie offers a full range of services from concept design, circuit design, design for manufacturability and final volume production, and currently serves the medical device, smart packaging, RFID and flexible interconnect markets. Soligie's design and manufacturing have achieved ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certification.
Through the combined use of emergent materials and proprietary manufacturing processes, electronics components such as memory, sensors, displays and batteries will be integrated into applications on thin flexible substrates. Soligie is also investing in the development of processes for printed thin-film transistors that can be used in products such as smart labels, medical patches and chipless RFID tags. Soligie is located in Savage, Minnesota and is owned by the Taylor Corporation.
Taylor Corporation
Taylor Corporation, a Forbes Private 200 company, has more than 100 subsidiaries and 14,000 employees. Taylor is one of the leading specialty print, media and marketing companies in North America. Taylor's operating companies are focused on offering distinctive products, superior quality and exceptional service.
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