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Glass-free flexible plastic e-paper displays

Plastic Logic Flexible displays are now available from Review Display Systems. Plastic Logic manufactures flexible, glass-free electrophoretic active matrix displays. These displays are shatterproof, bendable and daylight-readable. They are also ultra-thin, lightweight and extremely robust and yet have low battery consumption, no continuous refresh cycles are necessary.
These displays are organic thin-film (OTFT) active matrix which has been combined with bi-stable electrophoretic technology. Electrophoretic technology is commonly known as e-paper and unlike backlit flat panel displays where a constant power supply is required to keep an image, once an image is set no power is required to keep the image. The displays have an ultra-wide viewing angle and are available in monochrome with up to 16 levels of gray. Which all adds up to thin, lightweight customisable designs making it ideal for wearables, signage, mobile electronics devices and smart cards. Standard sizes are available from 1.1" to 10.7" (1280x960).
About RDS - Review Display Systems Ltd
Review Display Systems has over thirty years' experience in dealing with the specialist needs of those engineers requiring display, embedded and custom solutions. Representing the world's leading manufacturers of LCD, TFT LCD and OLED display technologies, together with the leading manufacturer of touch-screen solutions, and one of the largest embedded industrial single board computer providers, ensures that we can provide customers with the best possible technical and commercial solution to any display or embedded computing system requirement.
Our experienced team of design and support engineers can make truly positive contributions to product design processes and add a systems enhancement capability, reducing customers' manufacturing costs through the integration of display drive electronics and mechanical mounting solutions.
With a total Quality ethic, we have achieved the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are focused on supporting all our customers, from the independent design engineer through to large blue chip manufacturers.
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Source and top image: Review Display Systems
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