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External Company Press Release

Hot news from Menippos

Upper Deck International has acquired a worldwide exclusive technology license from Menippos for interactive trading cards and trading card games.
With this decision Upper Deck prevailed against Konami in the negotiations with Menippos as strongest partner. Within this partnership a new generation of paper cards - equipped with electronics inside - will finally bring the experience of collecting and playing with Upper Deck cards to a new level.
These new trading cards, together with an easy to use card reader connect directly with computer or console games and exciting online worlds. Therewith, the player will be able to extend the fun of traditional card collecting and playing into online games and communities without going the long way round using number codes or copyable barcodes.
The first products to apply this technology will be MySuperPets, Huntik and Wakfu along with several new concepts to exploit the full potential of paper with integrated electronics. First products will be available beginning fall 2009.
"With its wide range of great products and strong international distribution, we are very happy to have Upper Deck as a partner" said Sascha Voigt, Managing Director, Menippos GmbH, "and we are looking forward to integrate our technology in a whole new generation of trading cards and trading card games".
"We were looking for a market ready technology like this for a long time", said Nico Blauw, CEO of Upper Deck International BV. "It is amazing to see the potential behind this for all of our customers".

About Upper Deck International B.V.

UPPER DECK INTERNATIONAL B.V. is a premier entertainment publishing company and the industry leader in trading card games, delivering a portfolio of innovative and multi-dimensional product experiences to collectors, and sports and entertainment enthusiasts. Upper Deck International BV also develops, produces and distributes toys, puzzles, trading cards, stickers, family card games, board games, miniature board games, figurines, coins and various other collectible products.


Located in Chemnitz, Germany, Menippos is the leading technology developer for printed data in paper products. The company was founded in 2006 and developed a method to print electronics into paper utilizing common printing processes. These paper electronics are insensible, recyclable and low cost. Through a simple reading device, the data is recognized and sent to a computer or the internet.
This new and patented technology has been awarded several times and Menippos, with its focus on early market entry of new technologies, is pushing its development forward to bring printed electronics into many products in the next months.
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