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iTi announces new family of drop watcher inkjet analysis tools

imaging Technology international (iTi), a global designer and manufacturer of industrial inkjet systems, announces a new family of its best selling Drop Watcher (DW) inkjet drop analysis tools.
iTi's Drop Watcher systems set the industry standard with almost 100 units installed worldwide at universities, research institutes, printhead manufacturers, ink suppliers, system vendors and Fortune 500 corporations. The new Drop Watcher 100, 200 and 300 are state-of-the-art analytical tools, which provide precise repeatable measurements of critical fluid-jetting parameters for inkjet printheads and fluids.
Whether printing with a graphics ink or a functional fluid for printed electronics, photovoltaic, coatings or other industrial application, visualization and analysis of jetting parameters is an essential primary step for successful printing or materials deposition.
iTi's Drop Watcher products are compatible with a wide range of both binary and greyscale (variable drop) printheads from manufacturers such as Dimatix Spectra, Konica Minolta, Toshiba-Tec, Trident and Xaar. All Drop Watchers are printhead-independent requiring only basic drive electronics for each technology of printhead.
The new family of Drop Watcher products are tailored to suit all budgets and needs from the cost-effective entry level DW100 to the fully automated DW300.
Drop Watcher 100
The most cost effective and highly featured solution for binary printheads on the market. The DW100 is available for USD $9,900 worldwide and is supplied complete with data acquisition software for recording measurements to Microsoft Excel and a Dimatix Spectra Galaxy, Nova, S-Class compatible printhead mount. This is an ideal tool for universities or start-up labs.
Drop Watcher 200
Designed for binary and greyscale printheads, offering both pixel and cycle trigger capability, the DW200 provides a large field of view and measurement ranges with a high resolution (1280 x 1024) camera and high speed strobe for individual drop capture. Measurements include velocity, drop formation time, drop dimensions all recorded direct to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Camera motion on the DW200 is manually controlled.
Drop Watcher 300
The DW300 includes all functions and capabilities of the DW200, but with automatic test set-up specifications, which can run over a range of nozzles specified by the user, with the camera moving automatically from nozzle to nozzle. The DW300 is the jet analysis tool of choice for processing large amounts of information in high productivity environments.
The DW200 and DW300 are both delivered with a PC, preinstalled with Windows XP and Microsoft Excel, and both models feature iTi's new quick release system for changing printhead mounts.
Whether working with a functional fluid or graphic ink - transparent or opaque, for low volume or high volume use, the iTi Drop Watcher family has a product to suit your application, environment and budget.
The DW100 is available globally for $9,900 and for a limited period - until end of March 2009 - special introductory pricing is available on the DW200 and DW300. Contact your iTi representative for more information.
About iTi Corp
imaging Technology international Corporation (iTi) is a globally recognized expert in high precision industrial inkjet. It has a 16 year record of innovation, developing and manufacturing inkjet deposition and printing equipment for applications ranging from pure research to large-scale manufacture. iTi's Lab2FabSM family of products include a comprehensive range of inkjet development tools including the Materials Deposition System and the Drop Watcher series of products, and iTi's production systems include the Digital Web Press and the VJET industrial deposition printer. iTi's customer base includes leading printhead suppliers, ink manufacturers, universities, research institutes and Fortune 500 industrial inkjet users. Information about iTi is available at External Link.
iTi is presenting and exhibiting at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2009 event, April 7-8, Dresden, Germany.
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