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Pacothane Technologies Launches Pacoflex 5000

Pacothane Technologies LLC has introduced a technologically advanced, totally new Conformable Release Film that is specifically engineered to dramatically improve production yields and to simplify and standardize the process of laminating Cover-Layers to Flexible Printed Circuit Boards.
PACOFLEX 5000, the trade-marked name for this product, has been thoroughly field-tested and has been proven to control and eliminate reworks or rejections due to the common problems of excessive adhesive flow into unwanted areas, crushed pads, air-entrapment between spaces and lines, high levels of distortion and misregistration, discoloration and other factors that generate scrap.
During the laminating cycle, PACOFLEX 5000 is engineered to become soft and pliable in the "Z -Axis" to achieve superior side wall conformance with the circuitized base Laminate and to promote micro conformity of Coverlay to other intricate flex part topographies.
PACOFLEX'S optimized surface rugosity features non-contaminating release on both sides of the proprietary film which will not leave a residue on the laminated substrate it is contact with. Finally, PACOFLEX Conformal Films dam back acrylic and epoxy adhesives as required and reduces excessive "squeeze out" or resin flow into Cover-Layer clearance areas, enabling product users to consistently meet Mil-P 50884 and IPC-6013 Specifications.
Martin J. Wilheim, CEO & Chairman of Pacothane Technologies, states, "Until now the Flexible Circuit industry has had to adapt their manufacturing processes to the implications of using a two-component conformable release film. PACOFLEX 5000, as a single-component, Conformable Release Film controls Adhesive flow better and provides repeatable results to minimize and eliminate the need for costly re-works." Wilheim further adds, "Because PACOFLEX performs efficiently and effectively at significantly lower pressures and temperatures than any other conformable system, there is noticeably less distortion within the Coverlayer Package."
PACOFLEX 5000 Is a high temperature processing tool and has extremely low "X-Y Axis" movement while offering significant micro "Z-Axis" control to obtain sidewall conformance and eliminate entrapped air between the Cover-layer and the circuitized base Laminate, thereby increasing production yields tremendously. PACOFLEX 5000 is also clean and inert with no out-gassing of contaminants or solvents harmful to Vacuum Lamination systems. It is easily disposable.
The ideal "PACOFLEX Lay-up System" should always include a pressure-equalizing PACOPADS® Soft-Lamination Press Pad to achieve incomparable micro and macro "Z-Axis" pressure equalization. These two companion products conform and stabilize the Flexible components to achieve all of the positive attributes of PACOFLEX to help the end user achieve lower costs and increased yields.
About Pacothane® Technologies
As the most diversified and recognized supplier of Lamination Assist Products sold to producers of PCBs worldwide, our basket of leading-edge PACO Products continues to help customers to simplify and standardize both Flexible and Rigid Circuit Board manufacture and thereby to help reduce "scrap" rates. Pacothane Technologies continuously strives to be the front-running innovator of new products that meet the needs of emerging PCB technologies with an unwavering Goal of maintaining its reputation as a "Zero Defect" Supplier. For more information, visit External Link.
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