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Posted on December 17, 2004 by  & 

OLEDs introduced on MP3 displays

Early OLED applications

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) emit light rather than filter it and therefore enable wider viewing angles than those that do. However, the biggest opportunities for OLEDs comes when they can be printed onto flexible substrates, making them more robust.
Speaking at the Printed Electronics conference in New Orleans last week, Scott Brown from CDT, UK, expects that televisions will become one of the largest markets for OLEDs, where even though they are still deposited on glass, they could be bigger than conventional displays.
Until then, OLEDs have been used for displays on a Philips razor, a Kodak camera, some singage, car stereo displays and now also for displays on music MP3 players, such as those from Kanguru Solutions, pictured below, retailing from $100.
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