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Development times slashed with new 'Complete Ink Development Tool'

TTP and ImageXpert Inc. are pleased to announce a collaboration to supply a complete ink development tool that will speed up inkjet printhead, ink and system development. Of interest to all inkjet developers, this tool gives real-time control over printhead fire pulse shape as well as powerful in-flight drop imaging and analysis. By combining ImageXpert's JetXpert drop-in-flight measurement system and the printhead driving technology of TTP's Meteor board, TTP and ImageXpert can now offer customers a complete development tool for optimising the capabilities of printheads, inks or other jetted materials. The tool will be known as the JetXpert Plus.
A wide range of printheads is currently supported by the Meteor system allowing the same tool to be used on different projects.
  • JetXpert Plus includes the full suite of ImageXpert print quality inspection software capabilities. JetXpert is also sold in different configurations.
  • The Meteor printhead drive technologies within the JetXpert Plus can be expanded to support printing system development.
  • Identical Meteor hardware to that used in the JetXpert Plus can be supplied by TTP for integration in production printers, ensuring that the drop formation performance achieved on the JetXpert Plus is maintained in production systems.
By integrating the JetXpert drop-in-flight measurement system and Meteor printhead driver, TTP and ImageXpert are providing the most comprehensive drop optimisation tool on the market for inkjet printhead, ink, and inkjet system developers.
About TTP
TTP is Europe's leading independent technology and product development company. TTP's primary objective is to create new business based on advances in technology. TTP specialises in digital printing, communications, medical products, microdevices, optics, vision, consumer and industrial products. The company, established in 1987, is headquartered in Melbourn (near Cambridge, UK) and employs 300 scientists and engineers.
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About ImageXpert Inc
ImageXpert is world-leading in quality measurement software and hardware systems for print and part quality assessment. ImageXpert's expertise includes machine vision, motion control, printing technology, software development, image quality analysis, imaging science, optics, illumination, systems integration and applications engineering.
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ImageXpert are exhibiting at Printed Electronics Europe 2009.
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