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imgne X3 driving structural health reporting revolution using graphene

Come to booth Y27 at the IDTechEx Show! to see how graphene coated conductive textiles are going to change the way that infrastructure is built and maintained. Our first product, imgne® X3 is in the market in Australia and being used to reduce the potential for toxic leachate to pollute groundwater. Imagine Intelligent Materials is the largest commercial producer of graphene coatings in Australia and will be going global in 2018.
Imagine Intelligent Materials
There are two new imgne® technologies that address the needs of the geosynthetics market.
imgne® X3 is a graphene-based conductive coating that makes low cost geotextiles into high margin 'smart' materials. Our masterbatch coatings are aqueous dispersions of graphene that can be applied to non-woven polymers using well-established coating methods. The result is an easy to install 'smart' textile that delivers a low cost solution for leak detection in civil engineering applications where technical quality assurance is a key factor. imgne® X3 has been proven in the field and is in the market in Australia. It is about to launch in North America and will help make dams, landfill, roads more secure from holes and leaks at the time of commissioning. imgne® X3 is the beginning of a revolution in materials.
imgne® self-reporting smart materials are a major step in the evolution of the Internet of Things. Our smart materials take the concept of sensors to a new level. Instead of sensors anywhere, our materials make sensors everywhere a possibility. We have developed devices that can interrogate our materials and report on their changing state. This means that we can provide real time, location based structural health reporting: leaks in dams and infrastructure, changes in the location of passengers in the cabins of automobiles, reporting on movements and stress in tunnels, leak detection in pipes.... To find out more contact Chris Gilbey (CEO) or Phil Aitchison (VP R&D) at stand Y27.
Chris Gilbey will be presenting the Imagine Intelligent Materials vision for the Internet of Industrial Materials on Wednesday 15th November at 4pm in the Exhibition Theater.
At our booth you can see a working prototype of the imgne grid sensor in action.
Please visit our stand and participate in a lucky draw prize.
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