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China's first Gen6 flexible AMOLED production line

Last week China's first Gen6 flexible AMOLED line - BOE Chengdu Gen6 flexible AMOLED production line has put into mass production in advance. The production line is built by BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, a global leader in semiconductor display industry as well as an IoT technologies, products and services supplier. The production line's mass production and products delivery indicate that Chinese enterprises begin to lead the development of the global AMOLED industry in the new display era.
In recent years, Chinese enterprises are accelerating their layouts in new display areas, becoming a crucial base of the global semiconductor display industry. As a leading figure of global semiconductor display industry, BOE built Chengdu Gen6 flexible AMOLED production line, which is China's first full flexible AMOLED line, as well as the world's second Gen6 flexible AMOLED line that has put into mass production. The line adopts the world's most advanced evaporation technology and thin film encapsulation technology, making it possible for the display panels to be curved, bendable and foldable.
It is said that BOE Chengdu Gen6 flexible AMOLED production line mainly produces display panels used in mobile terminal products, smart wearable devices and other display products. On the mass production ceremony, BOE delivers its flexible AMOLED display panels to more than ten customers including Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE and Nubia, enabling more possibilities for future application innovation.
In the flexible AMOLED field, in addition to BOE Chengdu Gen6 flexible AMOLED line that has put into mass production, BOE's other Gen6 flexible AMOLED line in Mianyang will be put into operation in 2019.
BOE Chief Executive Officer Chen Yanshun said: "BOE has always been providing customers with more innovative, competitive products and solutions. The smooth mass production of Chengdu Gen6 flexible AMOLED line will greatly enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness in high-performance mobile phones, mobile displays and other products, so as to meet the market's growing demands for small and medium-sized high-performance display products, which is of epoch-making significance for accelerating development of Chinese OLED industry and global flexible display industry."
Source and top image: BOE Technology Group Co Ltd
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