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Spotlight on Graphene Solutions, LLC

When it comes to graphene and carbon nanotube technologies, the possibilities are endless. Graphene Solutions, LLC is taking the research and development of these technologies and turning them into real world applications using a newly developed, Green Graphene Technology. In the past several years, researchers worldwide have looked at the family of graphene materials with a focus on trying to lower the high production costs and increase production volumes while at the same time lowering or eliminating the hazardous materials produced as a by-product. In conjunction with the improvements in the processing methodology, Graphene Solutions, LLC and it's partner Celtig, have consistently strived to produce a superior quality graphene that the market will view as a preferred graphene for its applications.
About Graphene Solutions, LLC
Graphene Solutions, LLC is positioning itself as a bridge between fundamental science and real world applications. In most cases, fundamental Science and Universities do not traditionally develop their own products. Graphene Solutions, LLC is focused primarily on graphene, carbon nanotubes and related materials.
We have a strong focus on the application side of graphene materials with an emphasis on new products and innovative processing techniques. Our mission is to turn potential applications into viable commercial products.
Graphene Solutions, LLC has strategically partnered with Celtig, Inc. on a joint venture to co- market and distribute Celtig Graphene products and services across North America.
Celtig, Inc. produces state-of-the-art graphene and process technology for its commercial customers. It can develop and commercialize proprietary graphene systems for its customer's specific and specialized applications.
Our partnership, along with the relationships we have developed with top universities and research centers worldwide, allow us to have a state of the art research and development team as well as a proven applications engineering infrastructure. These fundamental components of our organization are what set us apart from our competitors.
Potential Applications
The potential applications of graphene and related technologies are virtually limitless. Below are a list of just a few of the potential applications, with some already in the developmental stages by Graphene Solutions, LLC and it partner Celtig.
High Performance films
More durable coatings and paints
Electrically conductive films/coatings
Heat exchange transfer media
Chemical/biochemical sensors
Quantum dots
High/low temperature greases
Fire-retardant foams
Automotive fluid
Touchscreens and LCDs
Structural materials applications additives
Ultrafiltration membranes for industrial waste water
Ultrafiltration membranes for agricultural water
3D printing technology Thermally conductive plastics
Electrode materials for batteries
Electrically conductive polymers
Anticorrosive coatings
Thermally conductive pastes
Electrically conductive inks
Optical displays and sensors
Fuel cell energy storage
Thermally conductive foam
High performance polymer composites
Adhesive enhancement
We understand Graphene.
Visit our booth, F28 at the {{IDTechEx Show!}} to learn more about us and our pursuit of cutting edge, energy-saving, green technology applications.
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