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We've put all the pieces of the R2R sintering puzzle together for you

XENON has over 50 years of Pulsed Light experience which it applies to the design and manufacture of high quality Pulsed Light systems for use in a wide range of production processes, including printed electronics.
As a leading provider of sintering and photonic treatment solutions for the rapidly growing printed electronics industry, XENON has addressed a pressing need in the marketplace. Meet CENTAURI, the new offering from XENON and its partner, Carpe Diem Technologies. CENTAURI is a comprehensive and truly flexible and scalable end-to-end process and material development platform incorporating R2R sintering.
XENON chose Carpe Diem because the company provides a complete, or a-la-carte, "open" modular tool set for the development and production of nano-enabled printed electronics, microfluidics, meta-materials, and optical devices utilizing the most advanced processes.
While some of CENTAURI's capabilities are in existing offerings, until now, no solution was capable of delivering everything the PE industry requires. Which is why XENON sought to develop an end-to-end demonstrator with the flexibility to evolve as PE's needs change and become more complex.
With XENON and Carpe Diem joining forces, it quickly became apparent that they could create and deliver a solution with all the pieces of the puzzle necessary to provide users with the starting point for any PE application they wished to explore and ultimately perfect.
CENTAURI is the achievement of a joint venture between XENON Corporation, the Pulsed Light experts and Carpe Diem Technologies, the industry-leading roll to roll nanotechnology developer and integrator.
One of XENON's significant competitive advantages has long been its unmatched internal capability to manufacture its own optimized gas-filled lamps. When combined with their advanced High Voltage electronics, they form the heart of its many photonic sintering solutions, including CENTAURI.
CENTAURI consists of the S-2200 High-Intensity Pulsed Light Systems. Together, with a lamp customized for web width and illumination uniformity and PulseCAD, this system is, without question, the most complete and flexible photonic treatment tool available.
Each system is controlled from a technologically advanced yet intuitive graphical HMI that enables users to manage various customizable modules from Carpe Diem incorporating best-in-class components from Carpe Diem and other prominent manufacturers.
There are three modules in the basic CENTAURI system: Unwind, Coating and Rewind; each providing a critical treatment. Almost every high-quality web coating process demands a corona or plasma treatment for web pretreatment to assure surface energy for effective wetting of ink or coating to the web.
CENTAURI's unwind module incorporates a Vetaphone corona unit for critical pretreatment. After coating or printing with the Carpe Diem gravure in this demonstration system, the ink is dried with another best-in-class tool, the Adphos NIR dryer which is part of the coating module. Within the rewind module, the CENTAURI sintering unit sets the standard for sintering and photonic treatment.
In fact, the CENTAURI has been deliberately positioned for optimal performance and cost to make ubiquitous photonic treatment implementation possible for every rewind, affording the ultimate in process flexibility and product performance.
CENTAURI with PulseCAD enables users to design a stack of materials building from the substrate or web through a stack of up to 10 coating layers. It uses information about the electrical pulse that's discharged through the "simmering" XENON gas in the lamp thus generating the broad optical spectrum flash which is intense enough to sinter the inks.
In order to produce the pulse a bank of capacitors is charged to a user-defined voltage. The user additionally sets the pulse duration time and delay between pulses. PulseCAD can predictively show the expected change in temperature in the materials from the coating layers into the substrate. The exact information from PulseCAD can be used to program the actual pulse.
In most cases, a one-dimensional model of temperature versus depth is sufficient. However, PulseCAD alone provides the inherent capability to look fully at 3 dimensions to model thermal differences laterally as in circuits, optics or fluidic channels.
XENON with its many partners is characterizing nano particle and other inks to provide a unique practical materials library. This is made possible by virtue of XENON's long-standing relationships with many of the world's key manufacturers of inks. Thanks to these ties, CENTAURI with PulseCAD can effectively demonstrate which inks work best and with which materials and in what applications.
XENON'S S-2200 PULSED LIGHT SYSTEM provides state-of-the-art thermal management for those working with new nano materials on heat sensitive substrates requiring rapid sintering, curing or annealing. This high-energy Pulsed Light system is designed to help develop effective process protocols for a wide range of industrial applications. This includes sintering, surface treatment, UV curing and annealing.
As a Platinum Sponsor of PRINTED ELECTRONICS USA, XENON, along with its partner in this important endeavor, Carpe Diem Technologies, couldn't be more excited to unveil its special creation at this year's event. We hope you can set aside the time to witness all that CENTAURI, the most comprehensive end-to-end demonstrator for PE Sintering, can do for you.
XENON'S X-1100 BENCHTOP SYSTEM is a low-cost entry-level benchtop research tool that offers powerful performance and functionality, along with ease of use. This new tool will also be at the show. Applications that require PE Sintering can benefit from the broadband photonic source offered by the X-1100, and because of its size, it allows users to experiment with Pulsed Light in bench-top static testing. More generally, X-1100 is an essential tool for any R&D facility interested in a variety of applications of high intensity Pulsed Light.
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